Duck Fat

Duck fat is very versatile and can be used more than once, the high flash point and lower cholesterol of Duck Fat, makes it the healthier and tastier option, than other cooking fats. It is especial tasty for use as a cooking fat for chips or potatoes.

- You can use any potato but roosters are particularly good. Par boil your potatoes with the skin still on, drain and allow to
cool enough so you can handle them.
- Cut your chips to the desired size and lay out flat so they can dry a little and don’t get broken up.
- Put enough duck fat in a roasting tray so it will cover the bottom entirely when melted and put in a hot oven.
- When fat is hot add potatoes in a single layer and turn to coat in the hot fat (be careful!) season generously with salt and pepper. Return to the oven and cook until chips are golden and crisp, you may need to turn them once or twice.
- Remove from the oven and remove chips from the fat as soon as possible. Season with a good sea salt and enjoy.

Duck Fat 100%
Weight: 250g.