Chicken Goujons using Silver Hill Smoked Spiced Rub



Cut chicken into long thin strips, put in a bowl and cover with butter milk, leave to sit for 10 min.

In another bowl mix flour and spice together.

Heat oil in the deep fryer.

Take a couple of chicken strips at a time out of the butter milk and toss in the seasoned flour until well coated.

Fry in the oil until golden in colour and place on a roasting tray (this can be done to this point in advance).

Reheat in a hot oven for about 10 min and serve with the sauce on the side.

For the sauce, just mix the mayo and sweet chilli together.


2 - Chicken Fillets
250ml. - Butter Milk
300g. - Plain Flour
40g. - Silver Hill Smoked Spice
Oil for deep frying