Silver Hill Farm Sustainability

At Silver Hill Farm we strongly believe in doing all we can to protect the environment we work in, as this is the environment we live in. We take a proactive approach to reducing any impact we may have on the environment for example, reducing energy usage, purchasing green energy, reducing our water usage.

Silver Hill Farm undertake sustainability initiatives throughout the Company from farm to fork.

• Feathers recycled to make high quality Duvets and Pillows.

• Slurry from our onsite farm is used as an organic fertiliser. 

• Duck Fat from the cooking process is used to make BioDiesel.

• Purchase 100% renewable energy saving the equivalent of 56,848 trees. 

• Members of 2 Degrees Network.

• Maintain an IPPC Licence along with an Environmental Management System which is approved by the EPA.

• Energy Efficient New Offices - Heat recovered from our refrigeration plant to heat the offices and provide hot water for both the offices and our processing plant.

• Members of Repak and implement the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

• Members of Origin Green which is a voluntary programme to promote sustainability. 

• Members of Large Energy Network (LIEN).

• Allotments provided for the local community to grow their own. 

• Educate and Train upcoming environmental students annually.